SPIRE Training on IP Management in Indonesia

December 3rd, 2017
The first Capacity Building Session of the SPIRE project was held on 26-29 November 2017 in Surabaya, Indonesia, prepared and conducted by Agora Institute. The training was structured upon three practical and interactive Workshops which pursued the following specific objectives:
To introduce participants into the IP Management practice at HEIs at the European level, as a way to raise awareness and increase innovation capacities at the ASEAN HEIs;
To start working on the IP Policies (creation/upgrade) of the ASEAN HEIs, including exchange of experiences EU/Asia;
To get familiar with the IP Management practice of international R&I consortia to be ready for collaborative research and innovation opportunities.
These training days constituted an excellent opportunity for an in-depth exchange of practices and experience Europe/Asia and also amongst all the participating trainees from Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

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